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Special and Limited Editions

Backed by over 60 years’ experience, these special edition Onwards bring unique style you won’t find anywhere else.
With features ranging from limited edition seats and wheels to customized paints, you’ll be the envy of your neighborhood in no time.
Each is backed by an industry-leading warranty and is built upon a rustproof aluminum frame, ensuring your ride will take you far.


One of our fastest selling Special Editions ever: The Eclipse. Including Metallic Tuxedo Black paint with a modern matte finish and your favorite premium black seats for a comfortable, automotive-grade ride.

sunrise-special-edition-golf-cart-scenic-view-1920x1080 webp.webp


Everything is roses…and Gold.
Introducing our newest Special Edition Onward: The Sunrise. Including Premium Matte Rose Gold paint and "Cool Touch" Premium Black Seats to ensure this special edition stands apart.


Take the good life for a ride. Includes signature vineyard vines blue camo patterned body with classic whale logo and premium comfort white seats with double diamond blue stitching and vineyard vines whale logo on center cushion.



Limited Edition, Blazing Comeback with custom Rally Red painted body, brush guard, plastic trim, and rear trunk and limited edition premium seats and wheels.

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